Our goals


Our goal is to breed healthy, active, social work-willing dogs within the linits of the breeding standard. Dogs that can compete on a high level in cynology as well as in training. We think that the famous dogs of the kennels “Von Arminius” and “Von der Wienerau” are examples of german shepherds that almost fully comply with the ideal as defined in the breeding standard.

Our objective therefore fits into the basic assumptions and principles set by Captain Von Stephanitz, the founder of the breed of German Shepherd. These principles indicate that the German Shepherd dog is a dog that should be suitable for multiple purposes. These principles, in combination with the breeding standard form the conrnerstone of our breeding policy.

The meaning

This means that with our dogs, you should be able to participate in all forms of active dog sports (like training, agility, fly-ball etc.) Also our dogs should be perfectly suitable as a family dog. We as a breeder always rely on the quality of our females. They form the basics of our breeding program. We mate them with top dogs of several countries, like the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark etc.
Both future parents have at least VH.I or SchH.I and dysplasia norm ‘a’ (Germany) or HD ± (Netherlands)